iPhone人気メモアプリ「Drafts 4」4.0.7リリース!細かいところが改善されている!

Iphoneapp drafr4 407release 01

おんわんです!iPhone用人気メモアプリ「Drafts 4」が最新版4.0.7をリリースしております。今回のアップデートも細かいところが改善されております。

Drafts 4はテキストをメモして、いろいろなコマンドを駆使することが出来ます。単なるメモツールの域を超えておりますね。


Drafts 4 – Quickly Capture Notes, Share Anywhere! App
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化
記事公開時価格: ¥1,000


Drafts 4のアップデート内容

今回のDrafts 4のアップデートは以下のようになっております。

・[New] Toggle dark theme command key option. Allows a quick keyboard row shortcut to toggle between dark and light themes. To enable, edit keyboard and add “Command” type key, selecting the “Toggle Dark Theme” command.
・[New] Setting is now available to select the max. # of recent drafts in Today widget.
・[Change] Update default actions and keyboard for new installations.
・[Change] Change some Markdown parameters to support better wrapping and headers without space after #.
・[Change] Only request “when in use” location permissions for the app.
・[Fix] [[selection]] tag might not return full draft when no selection was present.
・[Fix] Script action step run on empty draft should create the draft it calls “commit” and content has been added to draft.
・[Fix] Move forward by word command key would not reach end of text properly.
・[Fix] Sometimes URL actions that left the app would prevent auto-archiving from working.
・[Fix] Action list could sometimes display with cells scrolled improperly.
・[Fix] Problem selecting and copying text in HTML/Markdown Preview window.
・[Fix] Red squiggly spell checking lines no longer play peekaboo.
・[Fix] Fix for a couple of crashes, and a hung state deleting drafts that could cause accidental deletion of additional drafts.
・[Change] Dark theme tweaks.
・[Fix] Disable autocapitalization on file name & extension fields in step editing.
・[Fix] Prevent double tap when selecting new action step type from accidentally dismissing editor.
・[Fix] Misc. sync issues which could cause sync to pause or be disabled.
・[Fix] Crash exporting drafts for certain data sets.


以上、iPhone人気メモアプリ「Drafts 4」4.0.7リリース!細かいところが改善されているというニュースでした!

Drafts 4 – Quickly Capture Notes, Share Anywhere! App
カテゴリ: 仕事効率化
記事公開時価格: ¥1,000